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Holistic Programme transforming Lives

Tereo School’s holistic programme is designed to transform the lives of impoverished children. Our school embeds strong character development ethics throughout our programme which are complemented by professional health care, nutritious meals, psychosocial counselling, family assistance and support and community outreach initiatives. We focus on the whole child and their support structures.

Our 3 Pillars of Sucess

An individual development plan is created for each child. Our goal is to get the children prepared to integrate into mainstream school and reach their full potential. In the event where a child is not able to advance into mainstream school, they are evaluated and placed into special needs schools or in skills development schools.
Classes are small so that personal tuition and learning support can be provided to maximum effect and resources readily accessed by all children. Our school covers Grades 1 – 7 (ages range from 6 – 15 years of Age).

What Tereo Offers:

  • Baseline assessment prior to placement in grade
  • Small classes with individual attention
  • Experienced Teachers
  • Teaching customized to learner
  • Individual development plan for each child
  • CAPS aligned Computer Learning
  • Bridging Classes
  • Learner Support Programme
  • Extra Mural Programme
  • Aftercare & Homework support

Our approach ensures:

  • Strong learners fast tracked into mainstream schools
  • Assessment identifies learners who need to attend skills schools or those requiring special needs or remedial schooling
  • Allows more time to focus on the learners who require help
  • Individual strengths identified: E.g.: scholastic, artistic, computer and technology, etc.
  • Counselling Support for abused learners (psychological, physical and sexual abuse) and neglect
  • Placement in care (where required). This is done in conjunction with Social Workers, Child Welfare and the South African child protection legislation.

Overcome adversity

How to support learners with compassion and trauma informed care

Students who attend Tereo School come from some of the most vulnerable communities on the Cape. These areas are notorious for violent crime, gangsterism, substance abuse and unemployment, which affect our students in a multitude of ways and often lead to deep-seated trauma.

It is widely believed that children who have had more than a handful of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) suffer from trauma and struggle to thrive. ACE’s are potentially traumatic events that occur in childhood and negatively impact the child’s life and education. In adulthood, the person may experience issues like chronic health problems, mental illness and substance abuse. Receiving love and understanding as a child and having the ability to trust someone, like a teacher or counsellor could mitigate the effects of trauma.

As a trauma-informed school, our teachers and staff acknowledge the multidimensional nature of trauma – and commit to meeting our children with care. We understand that poverty causes emotional and social challenges, health and safety issues and acute and chronic stressors in children.

Tereo provides emotional and physical care through a Child Protection officer (employed by the school) who works with the teachers, children, parents and families to bring stability and safety into their lives and help learners overcome issues such as stress, anxiety and trauma.

Family & Community outreach

Support Sytems

Tereo School’s holistic programme is designed to transform the lives of impoverished children. Our school embeds strong character development ethics throughout our programme which are complemented by professional health care, nutritious meals, psychosocial counselling, family assistance and support and community outreach initiatives. We focus on the whole child and their support structures.

This is achieved through:

  • Our Child Protection Officer meets with each parent/caregiver and child before enrolment at the school.
  • Visit each home to assess and understand the context and circumstances in which each child lives as well as he family dynamics.
  • Detailed interviews with parents or care givers and social workers (if available) per term.
  • Ongoing monthly meeting with the child one on one at school in a “Calming Room” which provides a safe, relaxing space for children to regulate their emotions and de-escalate their behaviour.
  • Teachers and learner support provide weekly feedback to the Child Protection Officer on each learner in their class.
  • More frequent visits with parents or care givers are arranged where a problem or area of concern has been identified.
  • Child Protection officer is trained by a psychologist on how to use specific tools and methodology to address a traumatised child, gain their trust and identify their specific trauma and/or concerns.

Psychological & Psychosocial Support:

Through our ongoing individual counselling and support session, learners identified with challenges are identified and then assessed for either Play Therapy, Counselling, Occupational Therapy or even Lego Play.

  • Play Therapy to assist learners who have been exposed to some form of trauma.
  • Lego Play: which aids with problem solving, teamwork and anger management.
  • Therapeutic Counselling: In the event of serious abuse and trauma we provide Individual Trauma Counselling where our child-friendly consulting rooms provide a safe space for professional intervention:

Educational and Scholastic Assessment

Learners identified by teachers as having learning challenges are sent for an educational/scholastic assessment which assists with determining whether they need remedial support, need to be place in a special school for learners with learning difficulties’ or in a skills school.
Teachers, management and child protection work together to formulate a long-term plan for each learner which accumulates in one of 3 results:

  • Placement in mainstream school
  • Placement in a special needs school
  • Placement in a skills programme

Life Skill development

Character Development Programme

Tereo School’s Character development programme rests on four timeless values: respect, responsibility, courage and integrity.
Children who grow up in poverty face ongoing challenges, and strength of character is as important as education.
At Tereo School, we teach values and build character. Learners are expected to make good choices, to hope, to dream and to work hard to achieve those dreams. We encourage Tereo kids to make the right choices. While negativity, greed and corruption often flourish within impoverished communities, our learners are honest, hard-working and compassionate with a desire to make the world a better place..

Extra Mural programme:

  • Culture: (in partnership with the Imibala Trust)
  • Pottery, Dance(HipHop & Ballet), Drama, Art, Needlework, Cookery, Music
  • Lego Play – Develop problem solving and team building skills
  • Sports: Cross Country (Due to limited space Cross Country is our main sport event)

Holiday programme:

Programmes are organised for the children during the school holidays to keep in touch and stay aware of their wellbeing. Volunteers from all walks of life participate in the project by providing and making food, teaching the children skills, mentoring children and rendering other services.

Nutrition & healthcare

Healthy children are better able to learn

Being healthy and well-nourished is a prerequisite to learning and quality of life. Tereo school provides a solid nutritional foundation serving two healthy meals and a mid-morning snack every day. For those children attending afternoon activities an additional snack is provided. Children enjoy mealtimes together in the dining hall. For many this is the only food that they receive for the day.
In addition, each child receives regular medical check-ups, hearing and vision screenings, immunizations in accordance with World Health Organization standards and further medical treatments as required. Social workers and mental health professionals help children overcome psychological barriers to their success.


Transport is provided to all learners to and from school, doctors appointments and extra mural activities, using 2 Tereo busses.
We are a registered scholar transport provider with our drivers holding Public Driving Permits.